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Song: Dreams Of Conquest

Album Epic Narrative Epic Narrative
Title Dreams Of Conquest
Tempo Moderate
Description Light ostinato strings build to broad theme of hope amid struggle to heroic finish - huge backend
Instruments Orchestra, strings, brass, woodwinds, synths, guitars, drums, choir, epic percussion
Keywords Epic, triumph, broad, swelling, percussive, cinematic, exhilarating, heroic, orchestral, choir, video games
Moods Anticipation, Dramatic, Emotional, Energetic, Gentle, Panoramic, Positive/Optimistic, Pulsing, Strength, Uplifting
Styles Drama, Film/TV/Stage, Orchestral, Promos, Romantic/Sensual , Trailer Music
BPM/Keys 142/Cmi
Composer(s) Mitch Coodley/BMI
Publisher(s) Moving Sky Publishing/BMI
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Play Timing Mix Catalog Number Version Description
03:45 Full BZZ24/37
03:44 Background BZZ24/38 No string or brass melodies
01:00 Full BZZ24/07
01:00 Background BZZ24/39 No string or brass melodies
01:00 Alternate BZZ24/40 Rhythm, ostinato strings and main string and brass theme
01:00 Alternate Background BZZ24/41 Rhythm, ostinato strings and sustained parts, no melody
00:30 Full BZZ24/42
00:30 Background BZZ24/43 Rhythm, ostinato strings, no melodies
00:30 Alternate BZZ24/44 Rhythm, ostinato strings and main string and brass theme
00:30 Alternate Background BZZ24/45 Rhythm, ostinato strings, distant woodwind melody