About The Buzz Music Library

The newest creation from New York City's veteran composer/producer Mitch Coodley, THE BUZZ MUSIC LIBRARY creates a new niche in production music. The Buzz Music Library finds the sweet spot between heavily produced TV music and original scoring and commercial music.

“Wild Ways” Airdate April 20th at 9PM on PBS!

Mitch Coodley finished scoring an upcoming NOVA episode for PBS. The show is called "Wild Ways” directed by James Brundige. This great program shows how we can connect endangered species’ habitats to allow them to survive. Some beautiful footage, cutting edge science, and, lots of compelling music.

Links to the show:

PBS NOVA Wild Ways
Wild Ways Facebook Page
Wild Ways Website

Coodley, who founded Metro Music Productions and produced over 100 superb CD's for the label, has formed a new venture dedicated to serving broadcast and visual media. Music that creates a buzz—compelling, lovable, effective, serious, fun, and original. Natural, current, hand-crafted. Expensive-sounding when necessary, supportive, gently dynamic.

Please visit Coodley's website at

The Buzz knows when to hit hard and when to lay back, when to engulf you and when to go minimal. Easy to edit and drop in, it makes picking and scoring fun, for programs, promos, spots, videos, home pages, local cable, radio, or corporate. Makes your ears feel good! It's music you want to take home with you. Like a new puppy, only well-behaved.

Hear a demo of The Buzz Music Library