Licensing Information

The BUZZ music library offers production music for TV programs, On-Air Promotion, Radio and TV spots, Film Source and Incidental, The Web, Videos and DVD's For Sale, and Corporate Multi-media.

Single Production Downloads: Here on the website you can easily search, license, and download individual or multiple tracks for a single production. Production types include:

  • Programs
  • Commercials, Promos & PSA's
  • Internet
  • Non-broadcast
  • Productions for Sale
  • Theatrical Production

Blanket Usage: Call for annual unlimited usage or per-production blankets. The most economical way to license for TV and radio stations, post-production houses, independent producers.


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  2. Search by Album, Keyword or Description, Mood, Style, or Temp
  3. Choose your favorites and add to Cart with the Cart icon (you can remove later)
  4. Checkout, then add your required production information
  5. Review, including pricing
  6. Agree to the license
  7. Make payment through Paypal
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Maylasia, Indonesia, Fiji Contact: [email protected]
Taiwan, Hong Kong, China Contact: [email protected]
Korea Contact: [email protected]
All EU Countries20% Discount
All South America25% discount
Africa Except R.S.A50% discount
Mideast Incl. Israel, Gulf States25% discount
Far East, Southeast Asia except Japan, China, Taiwan50% discount
Non-EU Europe25% discount
R.S.A20% discount


Production Types

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Media Types (Per Use)

Note: Local use excludes NY, LA, Chicago

Radio - Local$75
Radio - Regional100
Radio/Satellite Radio - National$125
Free and Basic Cable - Local$75
Free and Basic Cable - Regional$100
Free and Basic Cable/Satellite - National$150
Pay Per View TV/Video On Demand$125
Local Public/Gov't/Educational Access$40
Add your url/website to broadcast/cablecast$50
(Call for multiple media)
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Commercials, Promos & PSAs

Media Types (Per Use)

Note: Local use excludes NY, LA, Chicago

Radio - Local$95
Radio - Regional$125
Radio/Satellite Radio - National$175
Free and Basic Cable - Local$100
Free and Basic Cable - Regional$150
Free or Basic Cable - National$150
Free and Basic Cable/Satellite - National$250
Premium Cable/Satellite - National$200
Local Public Access/Gov't/Educational Access$60
PSA - Radio OR Free and Basic Cable - Local$75
PSA - Radio OR Free and Basic Cable - Regional$85
PSA - Radio OR Free and Basic Cable - National$125
Tags each$25
Alt. Versions$60
Test spots/demos (non-broadcast)$60
Add your url/website to above medium$100
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Media Types (Per Use)

All music used on the web must be non-downloadable

Website (business-to-business$25
Website (consumer, no e-commerce)$25
Website (consumer, with e-commerce)$50
Website (personal, non-commercial, no e-commerce)$10
Website ("Mom & Pop" Business)$20
Youtube video (non-embedded audio)$10
Facebook page$5
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Non-broadcast (non-internet)

Media Types (Per Use)
A/V, Slide, Multi Image, Film, Video: Live Presentation or Intranet.
Up to 50 copies may be distributed free, not available for sale.
SAME AS ABOVE but 50–1000 copies$75
Message-On-Hold Local # Only, per use$50
Message-On-Hold 800 #, per use$100
Video For Retail Point-Of-Sale$100
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Productions For Sale

Media Types (10,000 copies or less)

Call for more than 10,000 copies.

Video DVD$200
Audiobook CD or DVD$150
Interactive Media/GamesCall
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Theatrical Production

Media Types (Per Use)
Festival Rights Only$60
Graduate or Undergrad Student Film$60
Feature FilmCall


You don't own the music, but you have specific limited rights to use it according to your license. You may not copy or trade the audio files.

Before paying the fee and agreeing to the Terms you will review your synchronization license. It entitles you to synchronize, or join, a piece or pieces of music to pictures, narration, other sounds, in a given medium or media, called a "Use." Your production and the License may include multiple songs and will be billed accordingly. Please read your license carefully. It becomes effective upon successful checkout and payment.

If your production is publicly performed (broadcast or transmitted by any means) you must secure a performance license from BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC or directly from The Buzz Music Library.

Mitch Coodley Music d/b/a The Buzz Music Library is the sole copyright holder of the music contained on this site. All music is published under Music Buzz (ASCAP), Moving Sky Publishing (BMI), or West Village Publishing (SESAC), and all rights are reserved by us, with written agreement of the composers.


Single Use

Use of one or more songs for one specific production. A single license can include multiple songs, with each song adding to the license fee, per use.

Production Blanket

Please call for Production Blanket pricing and Licensing. Blankets offer discounts for use of more than 3 songs per Production. For Programs, Non-Broadcast, Productions for Sale, a Production Blanket covers unlimited usage of Buzz Music themes within that limited Production.



Aired in one state only, not in New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago


Aired in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, or in 5 or fewer states


Aired in more than 5 states, or in two the cities named in "Regional"

What is a "Use?"

Each "Use" is one continuous use of a single piece of music. Additional usage of the same theme constitutes further "uses." Any changes made to the pictures or narration, including foreign language versions, constitute a separate use and must be re-licensed.


(Program-length commercials) must be licensed as commercials.

"Productions for Sale"

These include productions offered as a bonus or premium.


  1. The Buzz Music Library may not be copied or re-recorded for any purpose without a written license from Mitch Coodley Music LLC, d/b/a The Buzz Music Library
  2. Cue sheets must be submitted with license applications for productions licensed as Program or National Promo. Cue sheets must detail type of use, airdates, tune titles, composers and publisher.
  3. The Buzz Music Library is protected by U.S. Copyright Law. Penalties for use without consent of The Buzz are subject to fines of up to $50,000 per violation, and can include all of the infringer's profits, plus any damages the copyright owner may have suffered, plus the owner's costs and attorney's fees.
  4. For non-online usage, The Buzz reserves the right to charge an additional fee for late reporting. Should the music user fail to properly report or pay timely for music used, The Buzz may require, upon notice, the immediate return or all Buzz Library properties or CD's, and an end to further use of The Buzz Music Library.
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