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Song: Mesopotamia

Album Middle East Cinematic Middle East Cinematic
Title Mesopotamia
Tempo Moderate
Description Dramatic drones under tribal Middle East/Asian percussion groove, woodwinds, sultry female vocals
Instruments Syrian female vocals, Persian santoor, tampura, oud, shehnai oboe, synthesizers, exotic Middle Eastern percussion
Keywords Arabic, Middle East, drama, Syria, Iraq, mysterious
Moods Adventurous, Dangerous, Dark, Dramatic, Exotic, Percussive, Pulsing, Sensual
Styles Acoustic, Atmospheric, Drama, International, Underscores, Vocal Elements, World
BPM/Keys 105/Bb
Composer(s) Tristan Alexia/ASCAP
Publisher(s) Music Buzz/ASCAP
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Play Timing Mix Catalog Number Version Description
02:19 Full BZZW4/43
01:00 Full BZZW4/44
01:00 Background BZZW4/45 Percussion, drones, bass, no vocal or melody parts
00:30 Full BZZW4/06
00:30 Background BZZW4/46 Percussion, drones, bass, no vocal or melody parts
00:15 Full BZZW4/47
00:10 Full BZZW4/48