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Song: La dama

Album Latin Pop Latin Pop
Title La dama
Tempo Medium Fast
Description Male Spanish vocal "The Lady" Catchy latin boy-group dance-pop with a lost love theme
Instruments Male vocals, drums, bass, synths strins, percussion
Keywords Latin, vocal, dance, love, Spanish rap
Moods Energetic, Happy, Positive/Optimistic, Pulsing
Styles Electronica/Dance/Disco, International, Latin, Pop, Vocal Songs, World
BPM/Keys 128/E
Composer(s) Ferdinand Isella/SADAIC, Luis Guillermo Cudmani/SADAIC
Publisher(s) Music Buzz/ASCAP, Music Buzz/ASCAP
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La dama

Pasaba los dias mi amor
buscando volverte a encontrar
sabiendo que estabas ahi

Un alto camino sembre
pensando que siempre iba a ser
el que durmiera con vos

Eie oh oh oh oh oh oh
cuando tu te vas
io te busco mi amor

Bailaba en la fiesta y soñaba
cuando sería el dia
para volverte a encontrar
miles de personas pasaban
pero tan solo miraban
yo busco tu corazon

Eie oh oh oh oh oh oh
cuando tu te vas
io te busco mi amor

vuela la noche
suena la vida
fuiste mi dama
ya no sos mia
creo que nadie puede tocarte
como yo antes lo hacias

The lady

I spent the days my love
searching to find you again
knowing you were there

A high road that I Saw
thinking that I would always be
the one to sleep with you

Eie oh oh oh oh oh oh
when you're gone
I seek for you my love

I danced at the party and dreamed
when would be the day
to find you again
Thousands of people past
but only stared
But I seek your heart

Eie oh oh oh oh oh oh
when you're gone
io I seek my love

the night flies
life sounds
you were my lady
you're no longer mine
I think no one can touch you
like I did before.