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Song: Machine Bomb

Album Electro Dance Electro Dance
Title Machine Bomb
Tempo Fast
Description Trance a/la Electronica 101, hypnotic pulse, pounding, evolving and bleepy textures
Instruments Electronic drums, bass, keyboards, synths, pads, cymbals, efx
Keywords Trance, electronica, pulsing, bleepy, lush pads, dramatic
Moods Aggressive, Anticipation, Dangerous, Dramatic, Panoramic, Pulsing
Styles Atmospheric, Electronica/Dance/Disco, Promos, Sports
BPM/Keys 142/F
Composer(s) Krishna Venkatesh/ASCAP
Publisher(s) Music Buzz/ASCAP
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Play version 02:14 Full BZZ12/19
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Play version 01:00 Background BZZ12/21
Play version 00:30 Full BZZ12/02
Play version 00:30 Background BZZ12/22
Play version 00:15 Full BZZ12/23
Play version 00:10 Full BZZ12/24