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Song: The Tricky One

Album The Kids Are All Rock The Kids Are All Rock
Title The Tricky One
Tempo Moderate
Description Light punk-pop with piano hook merges with sustaining guitar chords and leads after a moody, minor key mid-section
Instruments Guitar, Electric guitar, bass, drums, synths, piano, bleepy synth
Keywords Wistful, simple, piano delay, hook, crunch chords, leads
Moods Cute, Happy, Positive/Optimistic, Uplifting
Styles Acoustic, Alternative, Corporate, Rock
BPM/Keys 152/C
Composer(s) Daniel McKay/ASCAP, Joseph Kelly/ASCAP
Publisher(s) Music Buzz/ASCAP, Music Buzz/ASCAP
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Play Timing Mix Catalog Number Version Description
02:27 Full BZZ10/73
01:00 Full BZZ10/74
01:00 Background BZZ10/75 No piano or high melody
00:30 Full BZZ10/11
00:30 Background BZZ10/76 No piano or high melody
00:15 Full BZZ10/77
00:10 Full BZZ10/78