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Song: Avalanche

Album The Kids Are All Rock The Kids Are All Rock
Title Avalanche
Tempo Fast
Description Shimmering electronic atmospherics lead to upbeat rollicking rock chorus and catchy vocal hook
Instruments Electric guitar, guitar, bass, drums, synth bass, effects
Keywords Bleepy, delays, electric guitars, hooky, ooh ooh, classic, chords,
Moods Adventurous, Bold, Pulsing, Rocking
Styles Alternative, Promos, Rock, Sports, Vocal Elements
BPM/Keys 139/B
Composer(s) Daniel McKay/ASCAP, Joseph Kelly/ASCAP
Publisher(s) Music Buzz/ASCAP, Music Buzz/ASCAP
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Play Timing Mix Catalog Number Version Description
02:08 Full BZZ10/19
01:00 Full BZZ10/20
01:00 Background BZZ10/21 No lead guitar or vocal oohs
00:30 Full BZZ10/02
00:30 Background BZZ10/22 No lead guitar or vocal oohs
00:15 Full BZZ10/23
00:10 Full BZZ10/24